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Want to support?

In case you to want support at the stations:

  1. Please check overviews and the station detail pages to find times slots where there are few volunteers, and buses are potentially arriving. If there are already enough people, try to find another slot.

  2. Please find below the links to join us

  3. Go the linked FAQ, join the appropriate Telegram Channels.


Most importantly: take care of yourself! Eat, drink and take little breaks. This is a marathon and we may need to do this for some time. 



Please check where we need you! You see everything on the shift planner.  


PLEASE REGISTER through the website and book your shifts! There is no response though, so please just show up at your registered time and place. Please stop asking individually! We will communicate should we need more people.

The FAQ Document must be read before arriving at a station. Thank you very much! 🙏

Telegram Channels

Telegram group

Important information for all volunteers

Please ensure to follow current Covid-19 hygiene rules:

  • Please get tested before your shift

  • Try to keep 1,5m distance when possible

  • Wear FFP 2 Masks

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